A note on the door

I know you’ve been waiting for me to tell the srory of how I found the Mulberry tree’s but I’ve been very busy as of late.  The furry ones and I needed to help Christine (http://www.getaclew.blogspot.com/) have the courage she needed to do some of the things she must in order to stay healthy.  I am fine and shall return very soon to pick up where I’ve left off.



P.S. Please feel free to come in and help your self to the cookies I left in a box on my cutting table.  You’ll find sugar and chocholate chocolate chip.


Mitzvah and I had decided last night that ttoday should be a day to get outside and start to get the lay of the land.  Obsidian and Minuette, who are homebodies, decided to stay in our room.  I wrote down a to do list of what I wanted to get accomplished and set it on the table, on top of my carry bag in which I keep a small knitting project, in this case a pair of socks, that I could work on if the walk was easy, a journal, and a pencil case.


After a restful nights sleep we made our first stop the kitchen for some breakfast.  Matron was already up and had breakfast ready for the early bird residents.  We were almost done eating when Matron set a parcel and bottle next me on the table.  “I thought you might like to take some lunch with you.” she said.  “How did you know we were planning on going out?” I asked a bit surprised.  “I know the look of one who needs to get out into the air and feel natures embrace.” she said with a knowing smile.  Mitzvah laughed and said “Don’t you think the heavy wool tunic and sturdy boots are a bit of give a away Ches?”  I looked down at my green wool tunic and had to laugh.  I thanked Matron for her kindness as I slipped the lunch into my bag.  Scooping Mitzvah up and placing him on my shoulder, we turned and waved good buy as we slipped out the kitchen door.


The kitchen garden that is just outside reminded me of the one my cousin keeps at her home.  Herbs in neat raised beds close to the door so that one doesn’t have to go far to get the seasoning for a meal.  A little further out more raised beds that were currently covered with a thick layer of hay to protect plants that were overwintered in the ground.  And last the flower garden, still asleep, hard and frozen from the long winter.  “The last of the big snow is behind us now and soon enough this garden will be coming alive again” said Mitzvah as he snuggled a bit closer to my neck.  I tucked the collar of my tunic around him.  “Spring can’t come soon enough for me” I said.  We exited the kitchen garden and walked in a companionable silence towards the greenhouse.


We entered the greenhouse and were thankful for its warmth.  Mitzvah shook off my collar, walked down my arm and jumped onto one of the near by potting tables.   He walked over to a tray of seed packets saying “I think this is what we came for”  “Yes, your right as always Mitz. Just let me get a pot and some soil and we can get to work setting our roots down.”  I walked over to another table that had an amazing array of pots arranged upon it in orderly rows.  The largest of them look like they would hold a small tree while smallest would hold just a tiny seedling.  One pot in particular caught my eye.  It was more a bowl than a pot and had a rich green glaze.  I took it back over to where Mitz stood waiting.  “So which one do you want to plant?”  he asked as we flipped thru packets who’s labels read everything from Azalia to Zinia.  “I’m not sure.  We’re here to plant some dreams so lets see if they have dream seeds.”  Flip, Flip, Flip, package after package.  There were so many of them but none were what we were looking for.  At the very back of the tray of seeds, the last package in the last row, we found them, we found a package of dream seeds.  Mitz held the pot steady as I placed a handful of stones into the bottom to ensure good drainage.  We didn’t want the roots we were about to lay down to rot.  Then I put in the soil.  Mitz opened the packet and stuck his nose inside “Hhhmm, smell good enough to eat.” he said as his snout emerged from the paper.  I smiled at him as I held my hand out for him to pour the seeds into.  Four small seeds fell into my hand.


my seed packet


“One for each of us”  A voice purred from behind me.  Startled, we turned to see Minuette and then Obsidian come thru the door.  “Colleen, told us when we could find you” Obsidian said as he jumped up to sit beside Mitzvah.  I reached down and picked Minuette up and placed her on the table on the other side of Mitzvah.  “What are the two of you doing here?” I asked.  “Yeah, you two hate going out side.” said Mitz.  “Colleen had come to give us some milk for breakfast and mentioned said that we might find what your doing interesting and you know what they say about curiosity and cats.” said Obsidian.  “Yeah I bet having to put your paws on the cold ground would have just about killed you, Minuettes.”  Mitz said teasingly as he picked up to hold one of her delicate grey paws.  Minuette said “Coming outside was not my first choice but something in Colleens voice told us that this was something important, so we decided to come an see.”  I was so happy right at that moment.  I hadn’t admitted to myself that I was missing Obsidian and Minuette until I had seen them come into the greenhouse.


I gave Minuette, Obsidian and Mitzvah each their seed.  I poked holes into the soil and one by one each of us pressed our seed in.  Obsidian reach over and scratched at the dirt to cover them up.  He never could resist getting his paws dirty.  We all knew that to plant dreams and have them grow into the life we wanted, we had put down roots.  To do that we had just taken the first step, together.  When we were done cleaning up and placing our pot in a sunny spot, Mitzvah decided that he was tired and decided to got back to our room with the cats so they could all have a nice nap in front of the fireplace.  Since I still had some items on the to do list I kissed each of them and we parted company.


To be continued….

A to do list

1. Get up early

2. Go down to the Greenhouse to do a bit of planting

3. find a good spot in the garden to palnt cotton and flax

4. Explore the rest of the grounds to find Mullberry Tree’s

Well it seems that Obsidian and Mitzvah have settled in.

Oby and Mitz

and Minuette is ready for a snack.


The setting in is for most part complete.  Please do come in let me give you a tour.

When open the door first opens it seems like the walls are much to thick.  Rather like what you’d find in a castle with stone walls rather than a manor with it’s walls of smooth plaster and wood trim.  The reason for this become apparent when you step through into the room.  The whole of the wall along that side of the room is floor to ceiling shelves.  I needed all those shelves to hold my many books and treasures.  Some of the shelves hold baskets that contain fiber waiting to be spun into yarn.  Some of the fibers are cotton, some silk, flax and lots of wool.  The fibers on one shelf are their their natural color and on another dyed in all the colors of the rainbow.  There’s lot’s of yarn too that’s waiting to woven or knit into garments that will clothe my friends and loved one’s.  One a shelf near the top you’ll see a black cat, his name is Obsidian Oby for short, curled up asleep in basket of yarn almost as black as he is.  It would be easy to miss him there, I think that’s why he likes it there.  On a shelf a bit lower down is a tall wire mesh cage that is the abode of Mitzvah the white rat.  You  might be surprised to know that they are the closest of friend despite their differences.

I do hope you like the music I have playing.  I love to listen to music from all over the world but my special favorite is Celtic.

At one end of the room is a fireplace.   There is a large kettle set to one side of the coals in the fireplace.  It has steam gently wafting from the spout in anticipation of a pot tea to be brewed.  I always keep the kettle ready for tea.  In front of the fireplace are two comfortable chairs with a tea table between them that has been set with mismatched china.  There’s a basket next to one of the chairs to hold the knitting I’m currently working on.  To the right of the fire place sits my spinning wheel and distaff.  To the left is a small writing desk where my lap top computer and other electronic gadgets are stored.  I recharge them all with solar power which explains the wire that runs from the computer out the window.  I keep small solar panels on the window ledge outside.

Over the mantle is a beautifully calligraphed and illuminated scroll set in a gold frame.  It is a letter from my dearest friend, Mairi.  In the letter she gifted me with word’s written by Fra Giovanni in 1513.  His words and her love for me have brought me great comfort when I have felt lonely or sad.  To repay the kindness everyone has shown me since I moved in to my room I have gifted Lemuria with these same words.  You can go and see them in the Temple of Solace.

Under one of the large windows on the wall opposite the shelves, is a four harness floor loom.  Its wood shines in the sunlight but the loom seems to look a bit lonely since it’s not dressed with a project at the moment.  In front of the loom is a bench carved with fanciful flowers for me to sit on while I weave.  Next to the loom is a small table, this too has flowers carved into it, that has my shuttle’s and a large ceramic mug sitting on it.

At the other end of the room is a large work table which has drawers in the base.  It’s the perfect height for me to cut my fabric into pieces for the garments I sew. I store art paper, and fabric in the drawers.  In one corner stands an easel and tabboret with art supplies like colored pencils and pens laid out neatly on top.  There is a board with a piece of clean whitepaper taped to it ready for me to draw on.

Just beyond the work table is a divider screen.  The woven screen panels tell a story.  Every time I tell the story depicted on the screen it comes out different.  Perhaps I’ll tell you the story some day.  Behind the divider screen you’ll find the bed.   The coverlet on the bed is woven in a pattern that seems to shift and change depending on how the light hits it.  Its colors are that of a peacock.  In this area is also large wardobe.  The door is slightly ajar.  If you open it you’ll fine another cat, this one grey, her name is Minuette.  She likes to sleep nestled in among my shawls and wool tunics when she’s not getting into mischeif.  But the tales of my furry friends are best left for another day.

On the floor are rugs woven in the colors of the forest, all greens and browns, with brite bits of blue, that are remenisant of the seeing the sky thru the trees on a warm summer day.  On the walls are fine tapestries where maidens sit with unicorns and gardens are full of the flowers from ever part of the known world.  I can’t take credit for all the weaving you see.  I’m just one in a long line of women who have worked fiber and cloth.  My wheel and distaff, loom, and other tools along with this fine collection of textiles have been passed from mother to daughter for generation after generation.

So you see, I’ve settled in quite nicely.  Thank you so much for coming to visit.  Remember, you can come visit me any time for a cup of tea and a chat.  My door is always open.

Hello Everyone,

I’m Chesten Trevarro and I’m a textile artist who happens to dabble a bit in several other mediums such as photography, drawing and painting, collage, what ever happens to strike my creative fancy at any given moment.  I’m looking forward to sharing my creative travels with you.  I’m just trying to get settled into my new room.  You know how that can be, trying to figure out how to make your self comfortable in a new home.  Unpacking trunks and cases after the long journey to get here.  My loom will go over near the window for the light and my spinning wheel will sit near the fireplace along with the big basket of wool I’m spinning.  I’m not quite sure where my easel and other art supplies will go but there’s plenty of time to figureout what just right place is for everything now that I’ve arrived.  I must remember to take a measuring tape with me when I go out and about.  I’ll want to take measurements of my companions so that I can get started right away on knitting hats, socks and warm sweaters that fit.  I should also make the acquaintance of whom ever keeps the gardens.  I want to see if it would be possible for me to plant a patch of flax and cotton so I have a supply of fiber to spin.  I should also find out what kind of sheep they have in the area.   Such a long list of things to do!  I will finish my settling in and then, well then, the list of possible things to do is just endless.  I can’t wait to get started!